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Comprehensive foot pain treatment in Leamington Spa

Are you suffering from foot pain? Why not get in touch with the experienced podiatrist Claire Harrison-Ray? With the skill and knowledge to provide effective treatment for any type of foot problem you are facing.

HCPC-registered podiatrist

Choosing from the many options available for the treatment of a range of foot conditions demands professional expertise, at the treatment centre Claire has established her self as a specialist in the field. As a fully trained HCPC-registered expert can be trusted to take good care of you.

About Us

Our extensive range of services:


    Routine Chiropody – £38

    Local Anaesthetic – Toe Block £7

    Tibial Block £36

    Nail Surgery – Uni-lateral side with phenol £200 plus £10 for each redressing

    Bi-lateral sides with phenol £250 plus £10 for each redressing

    Silicone devices – £7

    Orthotics – Non-Bespoke £130 – includes assessment, fitting and supply of orthotics

    Verrucae – Dry needling – £76

    – Cryosurgery £50

    – Acid treatment £30 per visit

Contact Claire Harrison-Ray on

07305 127 273 or 01926 833 231

for foot pain treatment in Leamington Spa.